What is The Art of Personal Style?

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Personal style doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an art, a skill, a way of being that takes effort, time and consideration to develop. Anyone can follow trends, but good style is something unique.

When someone with great personal style walks into a room, you instantly get that what they’re wearing sincerely reflects who they are. You can tell they’re comfortable in both their skin and clothing, and that they take pride in themselves. They seem like they have it all together, know their worth, and they’re capable of achieving what they want in life - whether that’s looking a certain way or going after their dreams. They seem to have found their own personal style of living. On the surface, style may seem like it’s just about knowing how to put an outfit together. I believe it goes much, much deeper than that. I believe it can change your life.

I knew if I felt good in what I wore, I would be able to carry this over into the other areas of my life I was working on. 

My personal journey has been a windy, bumpy road. In 2015, I had a nervous breakdown and almost committed suicide. I’d dealt with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and depression for over a decade. I’d also suffered from chronic pain due to (then undiagnosed) Endosalpingiosis for many years. The breakdown steamrolled my entire life, destroying most of my friendships, my job, my quality of life, and my sense of identity. I didn’t know who I was anymore or who I wanted to be. But I knew that if I wanted to stay alive, and recreate a life I actually wanted to live, I would have to rediscover my self awareness and self esteem. The only way I knew how to do that was through clothing. 

After I survived nearly dying, the things I was told I should care about suddenly seemed ridiculous. Creating an entire life based on what I “should” do meant I was living to make someone (or everyone) else happy - of course I wanted out. Those “shoulds” were things that were not in alignment with what I actually needed and wanted. Since my life as I knew it was already gone, I had the chance to start again by crafting a life that felt filled with purpose, intention, and joy. I was still super vulnerable and healing, so I started small. I started with my closet. 

I’ve always known the power clothing holds. I’d worked in fitting rooms and hair salons styling women over the last few years. I’d watch women try to fit themselves into clothing and boxes that were not made for them. I’d see the way their faces and entire bodies lit up when they found something that fit them, body and soul, like a dream. When they finally found that one thing they were searching for, and see the version of themselves they have in their minds reflected to them in the mirror. I know the power you feel when you adorn your body in something that makes you feel capable of taking on the world.

When I feel confident about how I look it changes my belief in myself; I know I can accomplish anything. I decided I was only going to have things in my closet that empowered me to feel confident, capable, and like my most magical self. I knew if I felt good in what I wore, I would be able to carry this over into the other areas of my life I was working on. And I realized: I could use this to help others. Now, that’s exactly what I do.


I work with humans who want to fix their wardrobes. They want to look better, feel confident, and be proud of the way the world sees them. In addition to cleaning out closets and finding clothing peeps love, I help them work on other thoughts and habits around getting dressed that carry over into different aspects of their lives.

We all carry limiting beliefs and unconscious habits. I’ve found for most of my clients these tend to related to issues with self-awareness, worthiness, abundance and body image. In order to feel truly at home in your body and clothing, some time needs to be spent uncovering where your subconscious beliefs are holding you back and replacing them with beliefs that propel you forward. Your wardrobe is a physical manifestation of whatever is going on inside you; to make deep, lasting change, you need to sort out your inner world as much as your outer. Kinda like cleaning out the closet of your mind!

I’ve created a course to help you do just that; it will empower you to feel confident and capable. It will help you discover your most magical, sparkly, truest self, and what it means to show up in the world as that human. It will help you recognize that everything you are is worthy. You are enough. Your light bits and shadowy bits both deserve love.

You deserve to love and feel good about yourself.