How to Transform Your Wardrobe From Season to Season

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One of the fears many people have around having a capsule wardrobe is not believing it’ll work for all seasons. We’ve been taught to basically buy an entirely new wardrobe each season, coveting all things new instead of loving what we have. When you start working intuitively with your wardrobe, you’ll find you need {and want} less. While this is beautiful in so many ways, it can also be a little frustrating when the seasons start changing.

Here in Calgary, we can every single type of weather in one day. I’ve experienced snow, rain, hail, a windstorm and sunshine all within hours of each other more times than I can remember. I’ve seen it go from +15C to -20C in less than 24 hours. Living with fewer things can make this tricky. But with a few key pieces, I promise you can wear all your favourite outfits year-round, transforming your wardrobe to align with the season.

be an onion.

The easiest way to make an outfit work between seasons is add layer it. Here’s some of my faves:

  • cardigans over literally anything

  • A deep v-neck sweater over a slip dress

  • linen duster over a sleeveless jumpsuit

  • blazers with silk shells & pants

  • short dresses over silk or linen wide leg pants {or tapered pants}

  • midi dresses over tapered pants

  • chunky sweaters over lightweight knits

  • long sleeved bodysuits under jumpsuits or dresses

  • tissue-thin turtlenecks under silk shells

  • wool duster sweater with short dresses & thick tights

  • wool duster vest over silk button ups and skirts

Add some tights & knee high socks 

Tights are essential when transitioning seasons. wear them under culottes for extra warmth & under floaty dresses while there’s still snow on the ground (or when winter is coming). If you’ve ever watched Outlander, take inspo from her outfits! My favourite brand of tights, hands down, no competition, is Swedish Stockings. Nude Label also makes great knit knee-high socks {& Calgarians, you can find both at Fieldstudy Shop!}.

Switch up your shoes 

Make sure your shoes are appropriate for what’s on the ground, & it’ll take any outfit between seasons! Here’s some pairings for each season:

  • Clogs are great until there is snow on the ground

  • Knee-high boots will keep your legs warm under dresses & culottes in the winter

  • Ankle boots are cute with scrunched up socks

  • So are clogs {make sure they have an ankle strap}

  • Bare feet whenever possible is highly encouraged by me hehe

Play with texture 

I love the juxtapostion of pairing something light with something heavier. For example:

  • chunky knits with floaty or silk dresses

  • silk tanks with wool blazers

  • wool trousers with silk button ups

  • linen skirts with oversized knits

  • silk dress with a heavyweight linen duster

  • cotton tee with a wool blazer

Accessorize to your heart’s content 

Switching up your accessories changes the feel of your clothes. Trade floppy straw hats for toques and wool toppers. Wear a blanket masquerading as a scarf. Switch up your jewelry in accordance with the moon. You can try playing with your makeup too; dancing between au natural, witchy and fairy-like {or whatever else makes you smile}. 



What pieces do you have in your wardrobe that will help you transition through the season? List them out so you have them on hand for days you feel confused af about Mumma Earth’s mood swings.

Are there any of these pieces that you need to add to your wardrobe? List them out, decide where you want to get them from, and create a budget and timeline for when they will be yours!


Try creating, and wearing, three new outfits this week. Doesn’t have to be a big change, just something a little different. Shifting something tiny in your day opens up your perspective to something new; where else can you see this having an impact in your life?

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