How to Use Clothing As An Instrument for Personal Growth


Below is an excerpt of an article I wrote for Nabalo Lifestyle magazine. To read the rest of the article, plus other pieces you’ll likely love, click here.


Finding your personal style may appear to be a surface level endeavour; it’s only clothing, after all. But working with your wardrobe can lead to uncovering so much more than a pair of jeans you thought you lost five years ago. By interacting intentionally with your wardrobe you can utilize the process as a tool to further your spiritual awakening.

You may become aware of the ways in which your everyday life is misaligned with your dreams and values. You’ll release clothing and beliefs that are no longer serving you and build your confidence in enforcing boundaries. At the end of this process you’ll have a strong visual affirmation of who you are and what your purpose is, something that will support you in all areas of life. Regardless of the path you take on your spiritual journey, practicing the art of personal style can be an invaluable instrument of personal and spiritual growth.


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