The Art of Personal Style_Inspiration_Guidance_Intuitive Living_Lifestyle_Mindfulness_Plus Size Style_Slow Fashion

Getting dressed should be fun.

A Course in the Art of Personal Style is a self-discovery tool to allow you to reconnect to your truth through an introspective journey. Our goal is to help you reconnect to your intuition in order to better navigate every aspect of your life. Our hope is you will come away feeling lighter, more aligned, and excited to get dressed everyday.


This course is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied with your closet

  • You wish getting dressed was easier

  • You want to feel excited about your style and like it truly shows who you are

  • You have a lot of clothing but don’t really love all (or any) of it

  • You end up wearing the same things repeatedly

  • You don’t really know what your style is

  • You have a hard time finding new clothing

  • You want to feel more confident, self-assured and grounded

  • You need some help letting go


The Art of Personal Style_Course_Inspiration_Guidance_Intuitive Living_Lifestyle_Mindfulness_Plus Size Style_Slow Fashion

The course is structured into four distinct areas: Self-awareness, Body Image, Money and Worthiness.

Each week, you will be guided through lessons and a reflection exercise, followed by actionable practices that work together to bring a greater understanding of your lifestyle’s needs, desires and hopes.

This course is about uncovering your personal style through reconnecting with your intuition and sense of self. It involves reflecting on your needs, desires, beliefs and wellbeing so that you can implement practices that help you feel lighter, more confident, and empowered. It will teach you how to let go of things you no longer need, how to make your outer appearance reflect who you truly are, and how to deeply love and nourish yourself everyday.

In the end, you will come away with your own unique personal style, a wardrobe filled with only clothing you love, a deeper understanding of who you are, and an intimate connection with your intuition. You will also have gained a supportive community through the private Facebook group, where you can connect with others on the same journey and help each other while re-discovering the pleasure of getting dressed. 

This course includes:

The Art of Personal Style Course_Inspiration_Guidance_Intuitive Living_Lifestyle_Mindfulness_Plus Size Style_Slow Fashion

A month long protocol

8 Days of Workshop Content

4 Lessons

4 Journal Reflections

10 Daily Practices

Guides for Wardrobe Clean Out, Organization and Replenishment

Community support in a private Facebook group (joining is optional)

What you can expect:

The course takes the time to ask important questions that affect your everyday comfort and wellbeing. Understanding yourself is an intimate, sometimes emotional, process and the Art of Personal Style is designed as a comfortable space for you to explore these answers. Throughout the course, there is a practical wardrobe curation component that will unveil your unique personal style, and build a wardrobe that reflects it. Once you join us on your journey, you will get access to our community of like-minded souls who are walking this path alongside you (if you want - it’s totally okay to do this solo if that feels better for you). Here, you will be able to share experiences, ask questions, and dive deeper into aspects of the content with Brittney.



You get immediate access to this course upon purchase. You can access this course anytime, anywhere that feels right for you. All you need is a device with WIFI, a journal, a pen and a quiet space to reflect. 


Ready to look better & feel lighter?