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Brittney Tataryn

FOUNDER {& so much more}

After struggling for many years from both chronic and mental health issues, I found myself searching for effective modalities of healing. Following every “should” didn’t bring me health or happiness. I only began to heal once I let go of all my limiting beliefs and started to listen to what my body and soul were telling me. I created this space to share what I have learned about healing in order to help empower and guide women on their own journey.

I was forced evaluate how I was living, where my values lay, and what my purpose in life was. It made me realize that I had to focus holistically on all aspects of myself and do things that made my body and soul satisfied to create a life I truly, deeply loved. Sharing my experience and knowledge with other humans in the hopes of helping them on their own holistic journeys became my passion: I support humans as they journey back towards their true inner selves and find their unique personal lifestyle. I teach people how to let go, listen to their intuition, and create a life that works perfectly for them.