These practices are designed to help you integrate what you’ve learned from this week’s Lessons & Reflections into practical, real-life actions. Do them at a pace that feels best to you, and trust your intuition. If you start a practice and feel called to add something else to it, or shift it in a way that feels more in-tune for you, go for it.


Practice #1

Every night, right after brushing your teeth, look yourself in the eyes in the mirror. Tell yourself, out loud:

You are worthy.

You are enough

I love you unconditionally.

It seems simple, yet is profound. You may cry, or the words may literally not come out. That is okay. Take a deep breath, try again, and then try again tomorrow. Continue this practice for the rest of the course. Baby steps.

Practice #2

Now, after doing Practice #1 for a few days (at least five) you get to clean out and edit your wardrobe! Use these guides and the answers to Week One’s Reflection Questions to show you the way.

Download the workbook and read through it thoroughly before beginning the clean out process.