Find a quiet space, take a few deep breaths, and spend some time answering the questions below. Be as open, honest and vulnerable as possible - this space is for you and you alone. You don’t need to share these answers with anyone unless you choose to do so. 


Money Reflection Questions

What did your parents or caregivers spend money on when you were a kid?

What did your parents or caregivers say about spending money on clothing? 

What did they not say? (non-verbal signs, what beliefs do you think they held)

What beliefs did your parents or caregivers communicate about money?

How did they judge other people’s financial situations? People who were “rich”, who were “poor”?

Did they believe that people could advance in life regardless of where they started?

Did they belief you need money to be safe? To be happy?

How did your parents or caregivers define success?

How do you define success?

How do you feel about the number in your bank account?

What do you believe about your financial situation?

What do you think about money and worth? 

Do you think you’re worth spending money on?

Do you think you deserve the things you want?

Do you think you deserve nice things?

Do you believe you’re capable of providing for yourself? Or do you have to rely on someone else?

What boundaries do you have around money? 

Do you believe you deserve money?

How do you use money?

What emotional needs does money satisfy for you?

What does your financial situation say about your worth?

Feeling anxious, stressed or uncomfortable? Had memories, realizations or thoughts come up that are hard? Time for a quick meditation to let them go.

Imagine you’re holding a balloon. Closing your eyes, take a deep breath in. Now take all those thoughts, feelings, fears and trauma and fill the balloon with them as you breathe out. 

Breathe in light and energy, breathe out anything you don’t want to experience. In. And Out. 

Keep doing this until you feel like all the pain and discomfort has left. Now, you can either pop the balloon and watch all that discomfort disappear, or let the balloon go and all your fears and worries with it.

Take a deep breath, put your hand to your heart, and say “Thank You. I love you.”