These practices are designed to help you integrate what you’ve learned from this week’s Lessons & Reflections into practical, real-life actions. Do them at a pace that feels best to you, and trust your intuition. If you start a practice and feel called to add something else to it, or shift it in a way that feels more in-tune for you, go for it.

Practice #1

No buying any clothing or accessories for a week.

Try to be mindful of when you do want to shop or feel like you need to buy something. Make notes on the following things:

  • what you wanted

  • why you wanted it

  • what you were feeling when you wanted to shop

  • What you were feeling right before

  • what you were doing or thinking about right before

If you didn’t end up buying anything, journal about what stopped you and how you felt. If you did buy something, you did not fail at this exercise. You gained an opportunity to learn about why you buy things, and how you feel about it both during and after - journal about it.

Practice #2

Play dress up with what you have. I sincerely mean play. Turn on your favourite playlist, get your favourite beverage, do your make up and hair if that feels good to you. Try on every piece of clothing you have with each other, even if the combination seems weird or like something you would never wear. The point is to experiment and get creative. Take note of what you like, and what you don’t like, and how you feel in your favourite combinations.

Practice #3

Remove anything that you realize doesn’t fit. After a week of working with your smaller wardrobe and playing dress up, you might realize the are a couple pieces that don’t quite belong. Remember: you only want things that fit your body, lifestyle and the rest of your wardrobe. This is a gentle fine-tune after the intense initial clean out.