These practices are designed to help you integrate what you’ve learned from this week’s Lessons & Reflections into practical, real-life actions. Do them at a pace that feels best to you, and trust your intuition. If you start a practice and feel called to add something else to it, or shift it in a way that feels more in-tune for you, go for it.

Practice #1

During your day, take notes on what you like, don’t like, will tolerate, and won’t tolerate. What sensations come up for when you experience them? Notice how your body feels, if certain feelings or memories come up, or how your moods change (or don’t). At the end of the week, go through your notes and see if there are any commonalities.

Typically, things that you like doing cause different physical sensations, feelings and moods than things you don’t. This speaks to how your intuition communicates “yes” and “no” to you. What you will tolerate or won’t tolerate shows you where your boundaries are in those situations. All of this is information to use to help you build self-esteem so you can move through life more mindfully and joyfully.

Practice #2

Go back through your answers to the Reflection Questions and identify words or themes that repeat or are similar. Break them down into what they mean to you. Get as specific as possible. If an answer brings up pleasant feelings, that means it’s something you value. If it triggers uncomfortable feelings, it often means a value or boundary is crossed - look to the opposite to find what your value is. Remember – beauty, ease and grace are as valid as other values like honesty and kindness.