These practices are designed to help you integrate what you’ve learned from this week’s Lessons & Reflections into practical, real-life actions. Do them at a pace that feels best to you, and trust your intuition. If you start a practice and feel called to add something else to it, or shift it in a way that feels more in-tune for you, go for it.

Practice #1

Notice how your body feels in the clothing you currently have. Take note of what your body feels especially good in, and what specifically that feels like. What features of those pieces do you think make you feel so good, and how can you add more of those in with your replenishment list?

How do you want to feel in all of your clothing? Get rid of anything that doesn’t feel like that.

Practice #2

Every night before you go to sleep, while you’re laying in bed, show some gratitude to your body for getting you through the day. Starting with your feet, work your way up to your scalp thanking each part of your human form for what it did that day. For instance: “thank you feet for helping me move; thank you knees for helping me move forward; thank you hips for supporting and holding me; thank you heart for beating; thank you lungs for breathing; thank you mouth for helping me communicate.

Be as simple or as in depth as feels right in the moment. You can do this silently in your head, verbally out loud, or by writing it down. Remember to breathe. Try to think of something for every part of your body, even if it’s painful - that pain is there for a reason, even if you can’t understand it in the moment.

Practice #3

Use the workbook below to build your replenishment list. Create a timeline for what pieces you’ll buy and when, based on your budget and which pieces you feel your wardrobe needs the most. You can find a collection of the sources I use for replenishment here.

Remember: the goal is not to replace everything you took out. You only want a handful of pieces that tie everything you already have together and fill in any gaps. Be sure to only include things that now fit your new wardrobe and outlook on life.