This isn’t the end.

Working with your wardrobe is a life long journey. As you change, your sense of style, beauty and grace will change with you. What fits will shift as you grow.

Think of this not as the end, but as the beginning of the next phase of your journey. Whether that looks like achieving your next personal or professional goal, digging deeper into self-healing work, or start on a path to spiritual awakening, you are now prepared to show up in a way that is more sincere. And when you approach life bravely with vulnerability, sincerity and authenticity, things start to flow a little easier. You’ll feel lighter, more purposeful, and like your beautiful, sparkly self.

And that is powerful beyond measure.

Feel free to come back to this course and repeat the process when how you see the world shifts so drastically you no longer know who are. This is a space for you to reconnect with yourself so you can figure out how you want to show up for this thing called life, over and over again.