Want getting dressed to be simple, carefree and fun?

If your answer was yes, cool. You’re probably in the right place. Let’s get started…


Not quite sure how to put together outfits that truly feel like YOU (or what that would even look like)?

Do you want your closet to be a beautiful, organized, inspiring space?

Would it be nice to spend less time and effort thinking about what to wear?

Wish you loved everything in your wardrobe and felt excited to wear it all?

This course is for you.


You can expect:

  • A neatly organized closet filled only with clothing you love

  • To be able to put together outfits that feel like you

  • Greater awareness around who you are, what you want in life and what’s holding you back

  • To save time getting dressed each day

  • Step-by-step instructions for Wardrobe Clean Out and Organization

  • Tips on how to decide what to purchase and how to style what you already own

  • Daily practices to help build your confidence, self-worth and intuitive abilities

  • Community support in a private Facebook group (joining is optional)

  • Support from me through our monthly group guidance call


How It Works

Each week you will be guided through lessons and a reflection exercise to become aware of limiting beliefs holding you back from your most fulfilling life. You’ll integrate these lessons with weekly practices, creating a foundation on which you can build your personal style. Each week focuses on one step of the wardrobe curating process to keep it from being overwhelming.

These practices can also help shift other areas of life you may feel stuck or unfilled in, as they help you begin to build confidence and self worth, shifting years of ingrained habits and limiting beliefs.

A Course in The Art of Personal Style will teach you how to let go of things you no longer need, make your outer appearance reflect who you truly are, and deeply love and nourish yourself everyday. Plus, you’ll look fucking phenomenal. Just sayin’.


Want Extra Help?

Upon cleaning out their wardrobe many of my clients realize that they already have most of what they need {this is a metaphor for life, fyi}. For that reason, this course focuses on finding your personal style and then letting go of anything you currently own that doesn’t align with it. I also teach you how to intuitively decide what to add in to tie everything together.

If you need more support during the clean out portion, or want a personalized list of what exactly to buy (with links to the exact piece, colour and style!) I offer additional packages exclusively for students here.


“I’m not sure exactly where to start, but Britt is a lifesaver. I went into this course totally open minded and in full trust of Britt. She has this sense of calm excitement when it comes to clothes. Throughout this course she has allowed me to realize the impact clothes have on your mental health. Letting go of what does not serve you is hard, but it also feels so friggen good. And she’s with you every step of the way supporting and encouraging you. She doesn’t do it for you, but makes you get in tune with yourself. This course is far from being just about cleaning out your closet, but the start of cleaning out your entire life. I feel a thousand times lighter and I can not thank Britt enough.”

~ Tegan


You get immediate access to this course upon purchase. You can access this course anytime, anywhere that feels right for you. All you need is a device with WIFI, a journal, a pen and a quiet space to reflect. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to me, which is why I offer a 30-day refund period for all courses. This is conditional based on your efforts because this course only works if you do!

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